Pubdate: Thu, 20 Feb 2014
Source: Boston Herald (MA)
Copyright: 2014 The Boston Herald, Inc
Note: Prints only very short LTEs.
Author: Terry Franklin


The war on marijuana is being replaced by regulations and bureaucracy 
("Bay State approves 20 marijuana dispensaries," Feb. 1). Fears of 
marijuana remain, although "Reefer Madness" has been debunked.

Moralists will always be able to find a few worst cases to point to. 
For example, people who waste their time on alcohol intoxication. But 
people are known to waste their time by indulging too much in romance 
novels, video games, sports broadcasts or even religious practices.

Marijuana should not be handled as if it were plutonium. Nor should 
it be overregulated. It should just be legalized.

- - Terry Franklin, Amherst
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