Pubdate: Tue, 11 Feb 2014
Source: Guardian, The (CN PI)
Copyright: 2014 Roger Smith
Author: Roger Smith



After reading Dr. W. G. Tucker's Letter to the Editor it reminds me
that a lot people still believe in what was portrayed in the movie
Reefer Madness, that cannabis, unfortunately known better as
marijuana, is still the "devil's drug."

I am glad Dr. Tucker is no longer practising oncology and that
hopefully someone more educated on the medical benefits of cannabis
took his place. He states that "marijuana has no place in the medical
care of patients and is a dangerous drug," as if the thousands of
prescriptions he wrote for his patients during his 40 years of
practice were good for them. He also states that marijuana use results
in a marked increase in lung cancer. Alcohol, cigarettes and sugar
just to name a very few are carcinogens, all perfectly legal and none
have the medical benefits that the cannabinoids found in the cannabis
plant provide.

Using a vaporizer to heat the cannabis to release the cannabinoids
instead of burning it or making Canna Capsules ( coconut oil and
cannabis being the only ingredients) and putting it in a capsule as to
take orally and have it digested through your liver are just two ways
to drastically reduce if not eliminate any health hazards.

I'm in no way suggesting that everyone should use it or that there are
no risks involved with it's use, but please try to open your mind,
stop focusing solely on what harm it can do and try educating yourself
about the amazing benefits this plant holds. We no longer live in the
days where you have to believe what one person says or writes.
Research it for yourself, if you're not willing to learn the pros &
cons then perhaps you should learn to keep your opinions to yourself.
I'm speaking from experience as I have held a permit for the medical
use of cannabis for the past six years to treat severe muscle spasms
and chronic pain. There are two sides to every story, sometimes you
just need someone to tell the other side and be willing to listen.

Roger Smith, Charlottetown 
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