Pubdate: Mon, 10 Feb 2014
Source: Concord Monitor (NH)
Copyright: 2014 Kenny Coffin
Author: Kenny Coffin


Re "Group: Recreational pot a 'nightmare' " (Monitor Local & State
section, Jan. 31):

Patrick Kennedy is out of touch with reality. He said, "I'm against
legalization because I don't want to see a for-profit industry whose
only motive is to get more customers."

Well, Mr. Kennedy, exactly what is the liquor industry, the
pharmaceutical industry, the tobacco industry or any other industry in
it for? To help people? Do you think the people of New Hampshire are
that stupid?

You quote a survey that only tells us what we already know. After all
these years of a failed "war on drugs" and all of the lives lost and
destroyed because of it, not to mention the billions of our tax
dollars, teenagers are still smoking pot.

You also mention "state-funded" treatment. Why don't you call it what
it really is? Court-ordered. When people are faced with jail or rehab,
what do you think they are going to choose? And to Chuck Rosa, I am
very sorry for your loss. I do have a question for you though. Did
your sons die from a cannabis overdose? And if it troubles you so much
to think we'd compromise the well-being of our youth to make a few
bucks, why don't you focus on the drugs that actually kill people, and
the system that allows (and rewards) it?

I am sick of the hypocrisy. Criminalize a plant that has never killed
anybody, while at the same time tolerating the very things that kill
our people. I'm not buying into the lies anymore. Do some research and
find out what the cannabis plant really is before you demonize it.


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