Pubdate: Sun, 09 Feb 2014
Source: Herald Democrat (Sherman,TX)
Copyright: 2014 Jodie Harrison
Author: Jodie Harrison


Last week I was thrilled to be offered a position with a local company
and was instructed to complete a drug screening. I filled up with
water so that I would be able to produce a sample only to find that it
would be "about an hour" even though there were only 5 or so folks in
the tiny waiting room. I was told that I could not leave the building
nor use the restroom during this time.

I lasted about 15 minutes and begged the attendant to let me use the
restroom so that I could start drinking water and be ready in 45
minutes. She repeated her original instructions and I was forced to
demand my driver's license back and quickly find the nearest public

As expected, the company informed me that this was cause for immediate

Just a few decades ago drug testing entered our workplace under the
guise of keeping it safe and most accepted that in positions where
operating heavy machinery, etc. it was a good idea. The folks that
really thought it was a good idea were those who started making
dollars on the testing that literally took pennies to execute. Those
who did their research knew that drug testing had no correlation with
workplace safety and more appropriate methods relied on actual

Jodie Harrison

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