Pubdate: Wed, 05 Feb 2014
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2014 Sooke News Mirror
Author: Tia Leschke


Maggie-Rose Veri might want to think twice before calling for a 
nation-wide vote on the legalization of pot.

She seems to believe that the 73 per cent of the population who 
apparently say that they don't use drugs (doesn't mention alcohol) 
would vote against legalization. A recent EKOS poll ( 
) shows that even more than half of Conservative voters would support 
decriminalization. Other parties' voters were even much more supportive.

She also doesn't seem to understand what the new law is about. It 
isn't about the government selling it, and it isn't a new law. It's 
just a change in the way the medical marijuana law works. She also 
seems to think that it's all about fibromyalgia and arthritis, and 
that these can be cured with massage. What a fantasy. And what about 
the people with cancer or AIDS who can't eat and nourish their 
bodies. Medical marijuana helps those people.

Veri also believes that drugs and clean needles are given out 
somewhere. Clean needles yes, and those help protect even those who 
don't use drugs, like maybe their spouses? I assume she means Insite, 
which has prevented quite a few overdose deaths. I guess she believes 
those people deserved to die?

I do agree that many more treatment opportunities need to be made 
available for those who want to leave their addictions behind, so we 
agree on that.

Also, one person out of how many millions does not in any way equal 
one percent of those 73 per cent who don't use drugs. It seems our 
schools don't teach math very well.

Tia Leschke

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