Pubdate: Thu, 06 Feb 2014
Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN)
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Dustin Chandler said his 2-year-old daughter
Carly has three to five seizures each day from a severe neurological
condition she has battled since infancy.

Prescribed medications have done nothing to help, he

Her best treatment, he believes, could be a marijuana plant extract
called cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, and there is anecdotal
evidence that suggests the oil is effective in treating seizure disorders.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted 8-3 to approve a
bill aimed at allowing people to possess the oil if they have certain
medical conditions. Parents of children with seizure disorders have
pressed to make the oil available. Supporting lawmakers said they are
hoping to get the bill approved this session but that their biggest
hurdle could be political fear about approving anything
marijuana-related in an election year.

"We've been battling the stigma from the M-word," Chandler said. 
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