Pubdate: Wed, 05 Feb 2014
Source: Spartanburg Herald Journal (SC)
Copyright: 2014 Dennis E. Hall
Author: Dennis E. Hall


Where does the Herald-Journal get these columnists, such as Kathleen 
Parker (Jan. 22 edition), who advocated legalizing marijuana? She 
describes forming this opinion through maturity and experience. She 
rightly says that alcohol or any drugs are bad for children. Then why 
are drugs OK for adults? The truth is that they are harmful to adults as well.

One of the arguments made against the drug war is that it is ruining 
young lives by giving them criminal records. Our law enforcement 
officers are not giving our young people criminal records. They are 
doing this to themselves.

Another argument for legalizing drugs is that governments can tax 
them and rake in millions of dollars to fund projects for our nation 
or states. Yeah, as if our state, with the Education Lottery, has 
solved all of our financial needs for schools in South Carolina.

I get tired of these adults who say, "I tried drugs as a young 
person, and look how well I turned out." Maybe that's why we have all 
these problems in America and no one has the wisdom to solve any of them.

Dennis E. Hall

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