Pubdate: Sat, 01 Feb 2014
Source: Lawrence Journal-World (KS)
Copyright: 2014 Jeannette A. Johnson
Author: Jeannette A. Johnson


To the editor:

I found the Jan. 27 editorial on medical marijuana well-intentioned
but inadequately researched. I urge you and your readers to review the
article posted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN at
and some of the associated links. Like you, Dr. Gupta initially was
opposed to the use of medical marijuana. However, he completed
in-depth research on the subject. He now believes that, in certain
instances, medical marijuana offers the only hope to individuals who
suffer from certain specific and intractable conditions, such as
epilepsy, that have not responded to established treatments.

Every year, families from other parts of the country travel to
Colorado, at great financial and personal expense, in order to seek
treatment for their children. If the treatment is successful, these
families must remain in Colorado to continue treatment and are unable
even to visit their relatives in other states, as the transport of the
medical marijuana their children require is a crime.

I believe that Kansas should approve medical marijuana for cases such
as I've described. If, however, the state does not wish to embark upon
the regulation and oversight of medical marijuana sales, it should
adopt a law that permits the transport and use of medical marijuana
from states where it has been legally prescribed.

Jeannette A. Johnson, Lawrence
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