Pubdate: Wed, 29 Jan 2014
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2014 Maggie-Rose Veri
Author: Maggie-Rose Veri


Tried marijuana for six months and I know it is not an addictive. What
can be addictive is the escape from reality it gives you. For most it
makes you hungry, gives you a dry mouth and your eyes feel like they
have sleep mucus build up. Also you get the giggles, full-fledged laughter.

Some experience paranoia, which is a mental disorder of delusions.
Some feel it helps with arthritic pain, or fibromyalgia. Some feel
they can do anything when stoned.

It has been an argument for too long by government and the users. Now
government wants full control and to sell it. Not much different from
the Mafia in my eyes.

I strongly disagree with this newly passed government law, and feel
that we are in for chaos.

Marijuana truly stinks, as do cigars and cigarettes. But the smoke
from marijuana affects others and this is not fair to babies,
children, teens, adults or seniors. Also, to legalize marijuana is the
biggest and utmost mistake that can ever happen. The government is
looking at the dollars it can make and not at the 73 per cent of
Canadians who do not smoke it or do any drugs, and say 'no' to this.

Well 73 per cent of Canada, I am calling on you and on those who
walked through the great X-Kalay Foundation (The Unknown Path) and
still stand strong, with David Berner and are still counting Clean Man
Days, and I ask Behavioural Health Foundation in Winnipeg outskirts to
stand with me and let us open more successful foundations and aim for
a higher rate of drug free people.

This is so wrong, it should be a Canada-wide vote if marijuana should
be legalized. Imperial cigarette companies will be producing it, and
just imagine that the employees, will have to wear masks from the
stench and Tyvek suits.

Mushrooms: some are edible but some are not and this is another not, 
it will make you brain dead.

The healthy system could cover relaxation massages, then job creation
in the right direction, opens more doors. Massage clinics. People with
arthritis and fibromyalgia could get excellent relief and may be cured.

Giving drugs and clean needles to users is again the wrong answer. How
many empty buildings are there that could be foundations for addicts,
alcoholics, homeless, and ex-cons? All ready our government has made
zillions on medical and cigarettes and oil/gasoline, so for the sake
of Canada let's stand and really say 'no' to drugs and open more
foundations, using X-Kalay methods. Canada's government is us, so come
on Canada let's make change in the right direction and lead our
government to our biggest needs. All you churches step up and
congregations, the time is now. Signed one per cent of the 73 per cent.

Maggie-Rose Veri

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