Pubdate: Wed, 29 Jan 2014
Source: Concord Monitor (NH)
Copyright: 2014 Monitor Publishing Company
Author: Kenny Coffin

Prove it!

Re "Legalize Marijuana?" (Monitor Forum, Jan. 23):

The first thing I read was a quote from the American Medical 
Association House of Delegates: "Cannabis is a dangerous drug and as 
such is treated as a public health concern." I am calling them out on 
this one. I would like them to actually prove that. And instead of 
repeating the same old stats about brain cells and memory loss, I 
would like them to tell me exactly how many lives were lost due to 
cannabis overdoses.

We know that alcohol kills, and we know that tobacco kills. Both are
legal. Since cannabis is still illegal, there must be a staggering
amount of deaths. I would like the AMA to provide proof of its
findings. I'm calling this BS. In fact, not one single person has ever
died from smoking pot. Not in thousands of years of documented use,
medicinally and recreationally. Prove me wrong, AMA! I'll be waiting
right here. For a long time, I suppose. And by the way, the oil
extracted from the cannabis plant actually cures cancers. But healthy
people aren't profitable, are they?


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