Pubdate: Tue, 28 Jan 2014
Source: News-Item, The (PA)
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Whether legal recreational use of marijuana becomes more common likely
will depend upon the unfolding experiments in Colorado and Washington.

The question of whether cannabis should be used for valid medical
treatments is far less complex. Pennsylvania should join the states
that allow it.

A bill to allow medicinal marijuana use, the Compassionate Use of
Medical Cannabis Act has been introduced in the Senate, where the Law
and Justice Committee will conduct a hearing today.

Its sponsors are Sen. Mike Folmer, a Lebanon County Republican and
cancer survivor, and Sen. Daylin Leach, a Montgomery County Democrat.

"I believe under the guidance of a medical professional, patients
should have every opportunity to combat their illness and have the
liberty and ability to use cannabis as a weapon in their arsenal of
treatment," Folmer said.

In states that allow it, marijuana sometimes is prescribed for cancer
patients to stimulate appetite and diminish pain, often with fewer and
less severe side effects.

Leach wants to legalize medicinal marijuana so that drugs derived from
it may be used in Pennsylvania for treatment of children's seizure
disorders. He has launched a social media campaign featuring children
who have benefited from the treatment. (#MeetThePAKids)

Gov. Tom Corbett opposes any legalization of marijuana. But if the
Legislature passes a bill based on sound science, he should sign it.
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