Pubdate: Sun, 26 Jan 2014
Source: Savannah Morning News (GA)
Copyright: 2014 Bernard K. Logan, Jr.
Author: Bernard K. Logan, Jr.


Our president gives an interview to the New Yorker magazine and states
that he has no problem with pot as it is just a vice, similar to
cigarettes and no worse than alcohol.

He reaffirms the strength of his position by stating that no, he would
not desire that his daughters partake.

Hmmm. Good for all the other folk, just not his.

Here is the leader (from behind) of the not-so-free (anymore) world
and he apparently is spouting his personal opinion, as any responsible
doctor will tell you that pot is harmful, that cigarettes will kill
you and that prolonged usage of alcohol has debilitating negative effects.

The fact that the primary financier for his candidacy was George
Soros, who also just happens to be the money behind the movement to
legalize pot across this nation. Why? What is the end game for these
people? No one in politics does anything for anyone without an agenda.

The dumbing down of America has been going on quietly for years, but
it has taken root in the past five. Why would a person in a position
of authority promote any drug that takes the individual person out of
the normal functions of life?

The active ingredient in pot, THC, is so potent and powerful in
today's pot products that it makes the user useless for any task
requiring any degree of aptitude. Do you desire your mechanic, dental
hygienist, electrician, plumber or any number of working people to be
under the influence? The prez doesn't seem to mind.

The high from THC affects each user just a little differently.
Euphoria, paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety ... as high as the user
gets, they then have to come down - depression. The cognitive
functions of the brain fail. The user loses interest except for those
things immediately before them. Their attention span is limited and
they suffer from short-term memory loss.

The president's comments further enhance what we have seen from this
administration and from the progressive liberals in general - there is
no accountability for their actions. Do your thing, just don't touch

We will not judge your aberrant behavior because you are "free" to do
whatever you want because the wishes of a minority supersede the
well-being of the whole. None of this works and all of it is harmful.

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