Pubdate: Thu, 23 Jan 2014
Source: Ubyssey (CN BC Edu)
Copyright: 2014 Carol Francey
Author: Carol Francey


Hello, fellow human being:

Your reporting of Hempology 101's civil disobedience is
unfortunate. It smacks of misinformation and oppression. You know that
whatever hurts others hurts you. So it is when the most progressive
institutes do not support peaceful civil disobedience against unjust

Those who oppose tyranny must creatively change bad laws by drawing
attention to their cruelty and absurdity. If we are to have a society
which reflects the will of the people on cannabis, we must challenge
the present marijuana laws. We wouldn't be alone doing so.

Why, even the United Nations delegates are walking away from enforcing
the militancy of the War on Drugs, because they see a need to stop
hurtful action and to restore peace. At UBC, these vaporizing people
are providing awareness you can't teach in a classroom. By harassing
them, you slow the pace of change. Next time you think about the
coffee vapour coming off the rim of your cup, think of the vapour that
for a moment spread freedom through the halls of the SUB. Be glad that
a few brave students are forging compassionate social change with a
healthful herb and prompting political awareness at the university.

Let them, for a few seconds, while contained in a small spot, vaporize
without fear of the police or suffering personal or career loss. I
salute the courage of those who oppose oppression. We are all either
for the Redcoats or for freedom. Make no mistake: this is a war on
people, and Harper has prisons hungry for young occupants. You decide
if you want to pass this war on to your friends and children. All
should stand up for the activities of Hempology 101 as they march
toward the dissolution of enforcement myths and the immorality of a
bad law. Smart people should spotlight the corruption which serves the
War on Drugs by showing support for the activities of Hempology 101.

Sincerely, Carol Francey, Social worker, Sensible BC educator and
former UBC student  
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