Pubdate: Fri, 24 Jan 2014
Source: Houston Chronicle (TX)
Copyright: 2014 Robert Zimmerman
Author: Robert Zimmerman
Note: One of two letters

Mixed Messages About Pot


Regarding "DA: Obama's comments on pot reckless" (Page B1, Tuesday),
the president's comments have greatly undermined my job as a parent to
teach my children to stay away from drugs. A joint as harmless as a
beer? How does a parent respond now? One more vice that the president
recommends his daughters "avoid." Good for him, as the federal law
still stands that it is still a crime to possess, smoke or deal
marijuana. Or can his children experiment with this "not such a good
thing" and, if caught, have the privilege of immunity?

What the president has said is every parent's nightmare. A high
authority making light of a banned and illegal substance with only the
qualification, "I wouldn't recommend it." How cavalier, and it only
pours gasoline on the teenage upbringing fires/problems all the
parents in the country are trying to control. A most irresponsible,
and really unnecessary, move by the president.

Robert Zimmerman,

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