Pubdate: Thu, 23 Jan 2014
Source: Reno News & Review (NV)
Copyright: 2014 Roberta Moose
Author: Roberta Moose


Re "Out, damned pot" (Upfront, Jan. 16):

Nevada still has one of the worst written and unfair medical marijuana
laws in the country. We voted as a state to allow sick people access
to one more medication that they can add to their arsenal of deadly
prescription drugs. Pot is not just fun to smoke, it really does help
very sick people. These are people tired of being dittoheads and just
taking their corporate-manufactured drugs. Most prescription drugs
have severe side effects. So does pot. Ever seen your roommate destroy
a bag of Doritos and ruin your sofa?

So here are some facts about getting your medication papers from the
state of Nevada. You call the guy in the Big Nickel ad. He asks you
what your ailment is, he then tells you what state building you can
get your application at and when you fill it out, for $150 dollars, he
will tell you the only doctor in Northern Nevada willing to risk his
license for your cash. None of the pot docs will take insurance for
this medical recommendation.

Medical marijuana has no prescription. Otherwise it would be protected
under the Health Information Privacy Act. Your medical info becomes
public knowledge. So after paying the Pot Pimp and the Pot Doc cash,
you still pay the state $150 for your papers and another $12 for your
picture. Now you need to find a provider of your medicine, and it is
not at the pharmacy with the corporate stuff. It is still in the
alley, park or casino parking lot.

So after all the time and money spent on this law, like my doc said,
just pay the ticket. It is cheaper, and the DMV doesn't call you a pot
head. Any dispensary in Northern Nevada will be closed by the
government or lack of patients who can afford to follow our laws. The
only real answer to this problem of regulation, greed and crime is to
legalize it.

Roberta Moose

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