Pubdate: Wed, 22 Jan 2014
Source: North Bay Nugget (CN ON)
Copyright: 2014 North Bay Nugget
Author: John R. Hunt


Are corporations producing medical marijuana nasty or nice? Are they 
respectable or questionable? Do honest citizens want them in their 

North Bay city council will have to answer questions like these and 
many others when a medical marijuana corporation decides to locate here.

The federal government has ruled that medical marijuana users can no 
longer grow their own. Medical marijuana growing is being handed over 
to a few favoured corporations.

March 31 is when the existing Marijuana Medical Access Program 
reaches an end. As of April, medical marijuana will be legally 
accessible only through producers licensed under the Marijuana for 
Medical Purposes Regulations. It will be up to each municipality to 
decide where the grow-ops may go.

It has outraged the homegrown pot growers who believe they each have 
their own special brand to treat their ailment.

Sudbury city council is confident that a corporate pot grower will 
favour their city. It is calling a special public meeting to get 
taxpayers' input. It may be hoping that Rick Bartolucci will use his 
influence to get a corporate pot grower as an alternative to his long 
promised chromite refinery in Capreol.

The new regulations mean licenced producers are required to notify 
their local government, local police force and local fire officials 
of their intention to apply to Health Canada, so that local 
authorities are aware of their proposed location and activities.

Licensed producers are also required to communicate with local 
authorities whenever there is a change in the status of their 
licence. Licensed producers must comply with all federal, provincial/ 
territorial and municipal laws and bylaws, including municipal zoning bylaws.

There are many diverse opinions and trying to please them all when it 
comes to pot will be a difficult task but there is a solution.

Cobalt has many old silver mines. Most are full of water that could 
be easily pumped out and humidity is good for growing pot.

Being underground would be a great advantage as it simplifies security.

Cobalt could become the medical marijuana capital of Ontario.

Why not?
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