Pubdate: Sat, 18 Jan 2014
Source: Valley News, The (White River Junction, VT)
Copyright: 2014 Herbert A. Knapp
Author: Herbert A. Knapp


To the Editor:

Lately, marijuana has taken a top slot in the national news. Large
sums of money are being spent to investigate, capture, try and
imprison those who produce, package and sell it. In spite of this
effort, the supply has not been cut off. Whenever society decides to
prohibit a particular activity because certain members of our society
decide said activity is "immoral" or "sinful," said activity becomes
more desirable and more expensive. However, the activity continues

Apparently we have forgotten the 18th Amendment to our Constitution,
which banned alcoholic beverages and supplied fertile ground for the
growth of organized crime. Whiskey, wine and beer were made illegally
in the U.S. or imported by smugglers. Illegal alcohol became a big
business. In the 1920s nearly everyone knew a bootlegger or of a
"speakeasy" where one could partake in alcoholic beverages. Those of
you who were born after the the late 1920s may not remember that one
of the planks of FDR's platform in the 1932 election was "Repeal the
18th Amendment." This was done after he was elected with the 21st Amendment.

Instead of trying to stamp out perceived vice, let's legalize and tax
it. That way we save the enormous costs we have now. As a physician, I
consider the most dangerous vice in this country overeating. I shall
not go into a harangue against gluttony. I'll just say the cost to
society is enormous. Too bad it can't be taxed. But I do not want it

Let's legalize and tax marijuana.

Herbert A. Knapp

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