Pubdate: Fri, 17 Jan 2014
Source: Alaska Dispatch (AK)
Copyright: 2014 Alaska Dispatch
Author: Stan White
Note: Stan White is a cannabis activist living in Dillon, Colo.


The leader of a group working against a ballot initiative to legalize 
marijuana in Alaska said the regulations it calls for are a "facade." 
But the real facade is the effort being made to prop up the failed -- 
and devilish -- policy of prohibition.

Did anyone else find it interesting that Kevin Sabet, 
ex-government-subsidized cannabis (marijuana, if you prefer the 
historically chosen government derogatory term) prohibitionist and 
co-founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, claimed the proposed 
regulations to re-legalize cannabis in Alaska is a "facade"?

I hope Alaskans don't mind me butting in, but the real facade is 
cannabis prohibition itself, one of America's worst policy failures 
in history, founded on lies, half-truths and propaganda from the 
beginning and dependent on them to continue.

Government labels cannabis a Schedule I substance alongside heroin, 
while methamphetamine and cocaine are only Schedule II substances, in 
order to rationalize persecuting its own citizens: If that's not the 
epitome of a facade, what is? There is nothing "smart" about 
continuing the cannabis prohibition.

But give Sabet credit. While refreshing my memory in the Media 
Awareness Project archive, it's clear he's a good speaker. Backed by 
Big Government and given a platform, he's convinced many people to 
support and perpetuate laws that should never have been orchestrated 
at all. When most citizens hold cannabis in their hand, they realize 
it's a plant. Sabet only sees a drug. Does this crowd even 
acknowledge cannabis is a plant?

A plant: as in "God created all the seed-bearing plants," saying 
they're all good on literally the very first page of the Bible. God: 
as "In God We Trust," written on U.S. currency.

The so called "smart" people must be extremely desperate and ignorant 
to equate cannabis with cigarettes and big tobacco, since cigs kill 
more than 1,000 Americans daily, while in more than 5,000 years of 
documented use, the relatively safe plant cannabis still hasn't 
killed a single person. That's safety on a Biblical scale. Nicotine 
is among the most addictive substances on earth, while cannabis is 
less addictive than coffee. Don't even mention alcohol, which can 
kill a person in a single sitting.

Cannabis prohibitionists are responsible for underground markets, 
cartels, increased hard-drug addiction rates, contempt for drug laws, 
eroded constitutional rights, loss of freedom, escalated prison 
populations, corrupt politicians, race discrimination, prohibition of 
free American farmers from growing hemp (even though communist 
Chinese farmers grow it), trillions of dollars in wasted taxes, 
deceiving citizens ... and the list is growing faster than the plant itself.

For me, however, and others who imbibe, one of the most important 
reasons to quit caging responsible adult humans for using the plant 
is personal: Because I want to follow the teachings of my friend, 
Christ Jesus. He's requested that I -- we -- love one another (see 
John 15:17). In red letters. We cannot love someone and cage them for 
using what God says is good. We're told when we love one another, He 
will make the "spirit of truth" available to us. The Devil has helped 
create cannabis prohibition in order to separate people from being 
able to receive that "spirit of truth" which amounts to the 
communication system between God and us. That Luciferous law is 
literally separating people from God, starting on the very first page 
of the Bible. For the love of God, it's time to end the Devil law, 
cannabis prohibition, persecution and extermination.

Further, it's time to stop people in positions of trust from 
negatively influencing our children into becoming cannabis prohibitionists.

A sane or moral argument to continue punishing and caging humans for 
using cannabis doesn't exist. The sooner Alaska and America end this 
self-inflicted crime, the sooner the sky will stop falling.

Colorado citizens heard all the prohibitionist rhetoric and voted. 
Give Alaskans the same opportunity, and I expect the same outcome. 
And Alaskans should take advantage of this process because many 
states don't have it.
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