Pubdate: Tue, 14 Jan 2014
Source: Tampa Tribune ( FL )
Copyright: 2014 John G.  Chase
Author: John G.  Chase


I am a volunteer asking passersby to sign the petition to put the 
medical marijuana question on the November ballot.  Most signers tell 
me stories of how a close friend or relative used it a " or tried to 
get it a " during chemo for pain and appetite.  Ten years ago I knew 
about pain and appetite a " and also about MS, ALS, IBS and PTSD a " 
but few talked openly for fear of being exposed to a stranger.

Now I also hear first-person accounts about Crohn's Disease ( "It's 
the only thing that works" ), epilepsy, migraines and 
arthritis.  People speak more freely because pot is less demonized 
than before.  Some speak too freely.  I heard from two who told me 
about growing it for their wives ( neither husband uses it ).  They 
could lose their property a " even their freedom a " if we were 
overheard.  That is why the question must be put on the ballot.

President Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act to punish those 
involved in the social turmoil of his time.  That's long past, and 
now we know that marijuana has medical benefits that will stay hidden 
until patients are allowed to have marijuana without fear of arrest.

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