Pubdate: Sun, 12 Jan 2014
Source: Washington Post (DC)
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Author: Brian Newell
Page: A16


In his Jan. 7 PostPartisan blog post, "Who will just say no?" [op-ed],
Ed Rogers made a lot of the typical anti-marijuana arguments and, of
course, ignored the question of the legality of alcohol, which is more
dangerous. Really stunning was Mr. Rogers's statement, "You aren't
more free if you are a pothead." The freedom to choose what to put in
your body makes you freer, regardless of whether someone thinks the
substance is good or bad.

The insulting and naive implication of Mr. Rogers's words is that
everyone who uses marijuana is a pothead. That's like saying everyone
who has an occasional alcoholic drink is a drunk. I do not partake,
but I know people who do. None fits what I assume to be the caricature
image of a pothead that is clouding Mr. Rogers's judgment.

Brian Newell, Silver Spring
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