Pubdate: Wed, 02 Jan 2013
Source: Elko Daily Free Press (NV)
Contact:  2014 Elko Daily Free Press
Author: Howard Wooldridge


Editor: Speaking as a retired detective who worked the trenches of 
Drug Prohibition/War on Drugs, I have seen the prohibition cause more 
pain, suffering and death than the use of the drug themselves. When 
we become wiser, we will make all drugs issues exclusively the domain 
of the medical profession, not just alcohol and tobacco.

Don't like the problem of meth and meth labs? Make it legal, 
regulated and taxed for adults to buy amphetamines at the store. The 
majority of people using meth want to either lose weight or stay awake.

The meth lab is the moonshine still of the 21st century and the labs 
will go away when we end the prohibition. Crime will also greatly 
diminish, as it did after 1933. This ain't rocket science.

Howard Wooldridge

Detective/Officer (retired)

Co-Founder of LEAP -

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Adamstown, Md.
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