Pubdate: Sun, 29 Dec 2013
Source: Valley News, The (White River Junction, VT)
Copyright: 2013 Matt Cardillo
Author: Matt Cardillo


To the Editor:

Reading Ben Barber's op-ed piece ("We'll Pay a High Price for
Legalizing Pot," Dec. 20) reminded me once again of the hilarity of
listening to educated people saying incredibly stupid things.

Having smoked pot for almost 40 years - although not at all in the
last 10 - leaves me -eminently qualified to speak to the horrible
debauchery of one more late-night munchy attack on the fridge. Just
reading this account will reveal to the general public the incredible
amount of dementia and brain loss I have suffered as a result of
cannabis sa tiva.

But really, Mr. Barber, does diminished intellectual capacity matter
to the terminal cancer patient or the neuro-muscular disease sufferers
drowning in their own fluids? And what of the cost to taxpayers of
incarcerating people convicted of marijuana crimes - an estimated 17
percent of the 3 million people in the federal penitentiary system?

The real cost for marijuana and all illegal drug laws has been the
incredible destruction of lives and families due to trying to
legislate morality.

Barber wouldn't believe who's doing heroin. All the drug laws have not
done one thing to lessen this tragedy. All they have done is put one
more money in the pusher man's hand.

What we need to do is legalize, regulate and educate.

Matt Cardillo

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