Pubdate: Sun, 29 Dec 2013
Source: Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC)
Copyright: 2013 Times Colonist
Author: Gareth Davies


Re: "Medical pot tests marketed," Dec. 24.

Hurrah for such a good piece of journalism reporting on the important 
work of Victoria-based Compassionate Analytics, pointing out that 
marijuana contains two active ingredients, THC, which attracts 
recreational use, and CBD, the medicinal part of the plant, used as 
an effective painkiller. Only good can come from such knowledge.

We should support the production and sale of marijuana high in CBD 
and low in THC. Such sales should be legalized and not provide the 
user with a criminal record of any kind, and thereby allow persons in 
pain much needed relief without problems with the law.

And to dispel a myth, marijuana does act as a useful painkiller and 
sometimes the last resort for some in dreadful pain.

As for large wholesale production, pushing, and usage of marijuana 
high in THC content, the current laws should stand.

Let me add that the sale and use at any level of Salvia, a 
hallucinogen much worse than ecstasy or LSD, should be immediately 
outlawed. Our children are buying the plant with ease with tragic 
results. Suicides, brain damage and physical injury due to loss of 
control when using it are commonplace.

But to return to the article, well said, and thanks to Compassionate 
Analytics for the Christmas present.

Gareth Davies

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