Pubdate: Wed, 18 Dec 2013
Source: Courier, The (Waterloo / Marshall, WI)
Copyright: 2013, Hometown News Group
Author: Gary Storck


The Courier is correct that nothing happened after 159,454 voters, a
75.49 percent margin, voted in favor of the Dane County medical
marijuana advisory referendum passed in Nov. 2010, "Our view:
Marijuana referendum a waste of time" on Dec. 11.

The referendum asked state lawmakers to pass a state medical cannabis
law. It outpolled every other candidate or referendum in almost every
ward in Dane County. A similar referendum in the City of River Falls,
received 68 percent of the vote.

Nothing happened in 2002 and 2005 when Chamberlain Research polls
found somewhere over 75-80 percent support among Wisconsinites for
medical cannabis.

If The Courier were really doing its job as a functional member of the
"Fourth Estate," it would be more concerned that state lawmakers not
only did not follow their constituents wishes and pass legislation
that has overwhelming support, but instead followed a divisive
legislative agenda with no public support.

The Courier might also reflect on the racist roots and the lies that
marijuana prohibition was based on in the first place, and the harms
caused by millions of arrests for minor possession, not to mention the
economic potential for the state if cannabis prohibition were repealed.

I was at the press conference to announce the new Dane County advisory
referendum on legalization. Attitudes are changing nationwide. What is
wrong with asking the public how they feel?

Is The Courier aware the state of Wisconsin held eight hearings in
1975 to ask the public what they thought about pot laws? Ninety-three
percent of those who testified supported legalization and
decriminalization. Guess what happened? Nothing.

Clearly the citizens have long been far ahead of the politicians and
The Courier when it comes to cannabis, whether for medical, social or
industrial use. We've grown accustomed to politicians letting us down.
What's The Courier's excuse?

Gary Storck

director of communications,

Is My Medicine Legal Yet?

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