Pubdate: Mon, 16 Dec 2013
Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR)
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Author: Gary McLehaney


I think people who know marijuana know that all it primarily does is 
give you a peaceful, easy feeling and better ability to do very 
wide-ranged thinking as you ponder the logics. Marijuana also leave 
no ghastly repercussions such as hangovers and nauseations like 
alcohol and some other drugs do.

Now, on the other hand, alcohol can make me and many others ornery, 
pugnacious and liable to misjudge everything. I think alcohol is 
likely the most preferred date-rape concoction since it can make 
someone become plumb mentally and physically incapacitated by 
drinking too much.

So alcohol gets my vote as the heaviest drug, and if people are fine 
with it being legalized, then they should have no problems with a 
softer drug like marijuana being legal.

But I am against legalizing marijuana only for medicinal purposes 
because this will probably make so many feign ailments to get it. And 
due to the astronomical prices they charge for medicinal marijuana, 
then it will be the government buying what is practically a 
free-growing weed for all these people because the doctors ordered it 
and Obamacare rules.

We are now seeing prescription pharmaceutical drugs becoming a 
catastrophic menace with so many people becoming heavily addicted. 
The most prevalent and widely abused pharmaceutical drugs are the 
opiates, which are derivatives of opium.

So again, if we are okay with all these people doing alcohol and 
opium, then all this squawk about marijuana doesn't make sense.

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