Pubdate: Sun, 15 Dec 2013
Source: Lincoln Journal Star (NE)
Copyright: 2013 Lincoln Journal Star
Author: Charlotte Flynn


Many people want to place the blame for the reason this country is in 
so much of a deficit on our president. What they need to do is take a 
look at how our tax money is being spent.

Much of what we consider necessary spending is not at all needed. 
Consider drug testing of welfare recipients/potential recipients. 
This would be a grand idea if only the government were actually 
preventing drug users from using government programs such as Aid to 
Dependent Children, Medicaid, and/or food stamps.

In the four months in 2011 when Florida did drug testing, only 2.6 
percent, or 108 of the 4,086 people tested, actually failed, 
according to the New York Times.

Is it honestly worth spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to 
prevent a few families from receiving a few hundred a month in food 
stamps? This appears to be an expensive way to try to save a dollar.

Charlotte Flynn, Unadilla
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