Pubdate: Thu, 12 Dec 2013
Source: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Copyright: 2013 Sun-Times Media, LLC
Author: James E. Gierach


Cracks in the foundation of America's worst public policy ever, the 
disastrous war on drugs, is evident with the action taken by Uruguay 
Tuesday to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, not just 
medical purposes. This action follows the lead of Colorado and the 
state of Washington in the U.S.A. But the importance of Uruguay's 
action lies in the fact that this South American country is the first 
nation to openly and bravely disregard the 1961 U.N. Single 
Convention on Narcotic Drugs that outlaws marijuana in Schedules I and IV.

Of course, this is bad news for Chicago street gangs that live off 
the proceeds of prohibition drug policy that makes the "drug trade 
too lucrative to kill," as yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times rightly 
pointed out. The only answer to kill the lucrative unregulated 
business of drugs is to legalize and control it. Uruguay is another 
big step in that direction.

James E. Gierach Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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