Pubdate: Mon, 02 Dec 2013
Source: Jamaica Gleaner, The (Jamaica)
Copyright: 2013 The Gleaner Company Limited
Author: Gary Rowe


The Editor, Sir:

We are embarking on passing legislation to legalise marijuana for 
medical purposes. Why would we need the opinions of ordinary citizens 
to make a decision in this regard? My opinion, for example, would not 
be necessary, as I am not an expert in the field of medicine or 
medical research.

Let scientists conduct the necessary studies and experiments to 
ascertain the true value of marijuana to the medical field. If, at 
all, there is significant benefit to be gained, by all means, let us 
proceed in that direction.

It is also my view that the laws need to be amended so one can be 
allowed to have in one's possession, as much as half pound of 
marijuana for his or her personal use.

It is a great injustice for someone to have a criminal record because 
he or she was, at some time, arrested for having a spliff in his or 
her possession. Such a person may miss opportunities because of such a record.

I believe, if the law is amended, the records of persons previously 
charged for that offence should be wiped clean.


Coleyville PO, Manchester
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