Pubdate: Tue, 26 Nov 2013
Source: Quad-City Times (IA)
Copyright: 2013 Quad-City Times
Author: Marie Smallow


I am a senior citizen and have had a chronic progressive neurological 
condition, which is also an autoimmune disease, for the past 33 
years. There is no cure.

I am also quadriplegic with severe nerve pain and all that that 
implies, including skin breakdown, recurring UTIs and vertigo, to 
name a few. At the very least, medical cannabis would relieve my 
nerve pain. I'm quite confident from all that I have read that it 
would also stop the progression of my condition, which would be a 
great benefit before I possibly go blind and lose my ability to swallow.

I recently spoke to my neurologist of the last 20 years. When I asked 
him about medical cannabis, he told me that it would be good for me. 
He also assured me that it has absolutely no negative side effects. 
He is very well-read and up-to-date with all of the medical journals.

There is solid evidence that medical cannabis is effective against 
autoimmune diseases like mine. Gov. Branstad and legislators of Iowa, 
will you deny the only medicine that will help a senior citizen with 
severe medical problems?

Marie Smallow

Fairfield, Iowa
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