Pubdate: Tue, 26 Nov 2013
Source: Tampa Bay Times (FL)
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Author: Michael Downss

Medical Marijuana Gets 82 Percent Support in New Poll - Nov.22


It has become abundantly clear that not only are Americans asking for 
medical marijuana in increasing numbers, more are speaking in favor 
of recreational marijuana. When does this become too lucrative for 
the federal government to ignore?

The war on drugs has not only been futile, it has been extremely 
expensive. In the poll reported by the Times , nearly half of 
Floridians favored recreational legalization. We live in an unequal 
America that supports medical marijuana in 21 states, two of which 
have legalized recreational marijuana. Dozens of other states have 
begun decriminalizing marijuana, and our nation's capital recently 
passed a law making simple marijuana possession no more serious than 
running a stop sign.

As Floridians and equal Americans, we should have a fair chance to 
vote on a matter that carries such heavy criminal penalties. There 
has been a shift in attitudes toward marijuana, and with state budget 
cuts hitting so deeply, it would behoove Florida politicians to 
embrace the inevitable.

Michael Downss, Tampa
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