Pubdate: Mon, 18 Nov 2013
Source: Lincoln Journal Star (NE)
Copyright: 2013 Lincoln Journal Star
Author: Sheri Apa


I am a 55-year-old mother of three and grandmother of two and believe 
Nebraska should reverse its 86-year-old ban on marijuana.

We need to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and open a new 
market for our farmers with industrial hemp.

In 2012, Nebraska had 1,779 alcohol-related auto crashes, 1,209 
alcohol-related injuries and 81 deaths. I was unable to locate any 
statistics for accidents, injuries or deaths related to marijuana use 
in our fair state.

States that have legalized medical use of marijuana have seen a 14 
percent reduction in high-blood-alcohol content fatal crashes as an 
unforeseen bonus. Alcohol and cigarettes are addictive and dangerous 
to our health yet legal and taxed in our state.

Hemp seeds can be used for oil, food, flour, fuel and paint. The 
stalk fiber can be used for fabric, insulation, carpeting, paper, 
paint and even plastics.

Come on, Nebraska. Let's pull up our big boy pants and do this. 
Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew hemp. But I'm not certain 
if they inhaled.

Sheri Apa, Lincoln
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