Pubdate: Thu, 14 Nov 2013
Source: Vail Daily (CO)
Copyright: 2013 Vail Daily
Author: Barbara Allen


We all love Eagle Valley. We have learned a lot from Buddy Sims'
research since the Oct. 2 meeting in the commissioners' room. There,
it was proposed by four volunteer land commissioners that we should
supply 300,000 guests with marijuana. The four even proposed that
there should be more pot shops and social clubs in Edwards, where
there are 11 schools.

We have learned that using marijuana under the age of 25 damages the
developing brain. We believe responsible users in the valley don't
want this place inundated with probable irresponsible users.

Sara Fisher, at the Oct. 29 commissioners' meeting, suggested that
recreational marijuana only be sold in Eagle and Red Cliff. Please let
the commissioners know this is an excellent idea by writing them at
Box 850 in Eagle, 81631, or email The above will be broadcast on KZYR.

It would be foolish for anyone at this high altitude to think he could
compete with marijuana growers around Denver. Twenty-five plants
require 40,000 gallons of water. The Eagle River needs water for
fishing, rafting and three more developments.

Also, note that if Sara Fisher's proposal is wisely accepted, there
will be less pressure on law enforcement.

Barbara Allen
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