Pubdate: Fri, 08 Nov 2013
Source: Aspen Times, The  (CO)
Copyright: 2013 Aspen Times
Author: W.E. Weissenberg


As a part-time resident, it pains me to see the stronghold that the 
dopers have taken on a place that I hold so dear to my heart. The 
county commissioners are given a great responsibility to uphold the 
will of their constituents and to furthermore uphold the well-being 
of the community that they serve.

Is everyone taking the pot? "Greenhouse" they say; "crackhouse," I say.

The master plan of getting everyone hooked on reefers seems to be 
working. Why else would these drug lords need to build bigger 
facilities? They have created a population of addicts and now they 
are helping everyone "cop their fix." Does the government think they 
are going to see a penny in tax dollars from these hopped-up pushers 
posing as "businessmen"? These supposed tax dollars would go to schools?

To teach are children how to be like Snoopy Dog Dog? It is illegal 
under federal law for good reason. It is said to be stronger than 
ever, creating a wasteland of instantly hooked zombies looking to 
commit their next crime. Our children deserve better. I would like to 
take this time to personally thank everyone for taking the time to 
read this letter and holding each and every one of us to a higher 
standard of accountability.

Just say "no"!

W.E. Weissenberg

Old Snowmass and Miami
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