Pubdate: Wed, 06 Nov 2013
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Copyright: 2013 The Dallas Morning News, Inc.
Author: Colleen McCool


Re: "Americans' gamble - Views on casinos, pot may not be so 
progressive, says Ross Douthat," Tuesday Viewpoints.

All prohibition laws are unjust and unethical because they do not 
allow free choice, a founding principle of Jesus, other religious 
leaders and the U.S. Constitution. Such corrupt legislation attracts 
morally bankrupt people to enforce it.

Once and for all, prohibition is evil. It punishes nonviolent adults 
for making a safer health choice. Cannabis is safer whether used for 
social or medicinal reasons. Many cases highlight the cruel practices 
and ineffectiveness of undercover narcotics operations in our 
schools. CPS destroying families over a safer choice is flat out 
treasonous use - contrary to conscience, morality or law - of our tax dollars.

Less than 1 percent of people in the U.S. is actually addicted to 
anything illegal. About 9 percent are alcoholics. The impact cannabis 
legalization will have on alcohol consumption is most important, and 
economists predict it will produce public health benefits.

Treatment is seven times cheaper than prison. Show fiscal 
responsibility and demand morally correct policy. Get tough on 
violent crime. I am afraid because of the huge backlog of unsolved 
murders and rapes allowing savage, vicious, guilty people to walk our 
streets. This is a real terror threat that needs more focus. Restore 
justice, the guardian of liberty!

Colleen McCool, Stephenville

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