Pubdate: Wed, 23 Oct 2013
Source: Sentinel, The (Carlisle, PA)
Copyright: 2013 The Sentinel, a division of Lee Enterprise
Author: Karen Finkenbinder


Dear Editor:

I have concluded that our legislatures no longer understands the
Constitution - particularly the 4th Amendment. Under their police
powers and their concern for public safety they are extending their
tentacles to your private medical records.

In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, HB 1694 has been
introduced to create a prescription (RX) drug database that can be
accessed by police with "reasonable cause." They have added a
requirement to get a search warrant for certain drugs but not all.

Enough is enough. If my medical records need to be provided to the
police, they better have a search warrant. I do not say that lightly -
I like the police - it is precisely because I was one that I have a
great appreciation for the 4th Amendment and am opposed to any
deviation from it. There are enough exigent circumstances to get
around a warrant as it is.

Is RX drug abuse a problem? Yes, it is. But this is not the way to
solve it. Those with addiction will find a way to get their drugs -
legally or not. Much better to keep this a medical issue and keep law
enforcement out of it. It is a public health issue. Have we learned
nothing from the Drug War?

Public education, medical education and a doctor/patient relationship
are the best defense. And, I would hate to see people who are
suffering painful illnesses be denied comfort because of such a system.

And it will happen. It happens already because doctors are becoming
afraid to prescribe certain medications that help people with chronic

Pennsylvania House: get out of my medical care. It isn't your business.

Karen Finkenbinder

Lower Frankford Township
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