Pubdate: Wed, 23 Oct 2013
Source: Nelson Mail, The (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2013 Fairfax New Zealand Limited
Author: Steven Wilkinson


I had the opportunity to speak to Nick Smith and Maryan Street at the 
Nelson markets. I asked them; with the amount of proof of the 
benefits of medicinal cannabis, why then are their parties dragging 
the chain on allowing people to use cannabis medicinally?

Nick Smith rattled on about how cannabis causes throat and head 
cancers. I challenged him to produce any peer-reviewed studies to 
back his claim (which there are none).

He muttered something about the studies he's seen from the Ministry 
of Health. Well, if it came from Peter Dunne, we know it will be dubious.

Maryan Street, when asked about medicinal cannabis said "I'm one 
person, with the energy of one person. I'm focusing my energy on 
compassionate departure". I asked her isn't it more important to show 
compassion and elevate discomfort before death? Her reply, "I don't think so."

Our "representatives" are not being properly informed on the cannabis 
issue and are making impaired discussions.

Why should I, and others, be criminalised, ostracised, and 
marginalised because of the ignorance of 121 members of Parliament?

The facts are there, they're just been ignored to the detriment of 
the health and well being of all New Zealanders.

STEVEN WILKINSON Takaka, October 19.
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