Pubdate: Sat, 19 Oct 2013
Source: Advertiser, The (Australia)
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Author: Nigel Hunt
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Police Arrest Female Officer With Link to Drug Trafficking Accused

A FEMALE police officer closely linked to the alleged ringleader in 
the state's largest cannabis trafficking operation has been charged 
following a lengthy AntiCorruption Branch investigation. The officer, 
Senior Constable Amanda Boughen, a patrol officer based at Holden 
Hill, is facing one count of obstructing or attempting to pervert the 
course of justice. While the exact nature of her alleged offending 
cannot be revealed, investigations by The Advertiser show that 
Sen-Constable Boughen, 40, of Mawson Lakes, is the former partner of 
Storm Alexander Strang - the alleged ringleader of the $40 million 
cannabis trafficking syndicate smashed by police in January.

Court documents reveal that as part of Sen-Constable Boughen's bail 
conditions, she is not allowed to contact seven named people - 
including Storm Strang and his former partner, Kat Taylor, who is 
also facing serious charges. Investigations by The Ad

vertiser have revealed that Sen-Constable Boughen has amassed a 
property portfolio since 2006 that includes three properties at 
Mawson Lakes and a townhouse in the city. All are mortgaged.

Until a fortnight ago, she was driving a silver Porsche Cayenne.

Strang, 41, of St Peters, is one of 16 South Australians charged as a 
result of the huge police investigation dubbed Operation Scarlett.

Another 18 people were charged in Queensland and Western Australia as 
part of the operation, which dismantled a sophisticated cannabis 
growing syndicate.

Police have alleged the syndicate had been running since 2008 and had 
produced cannabis worth $40 million during that time.

When the accused were arrested in SA, detectives seized $200,000 in 
cash, 10kg of packaged cannabis, 171 plants, 56g of cocaine and a 
quantity of steroids.

Strang faces 31 counts of trafficking in a commercial quantity of a 
controlled drug, aggravated trafficking, money laundering and 
participating in a criminal organisation.

Taylor is also charged with participating in a criminal organisation 
and unlawful possession as part of Operation Scarlett. Both will 
appear in court again on November 8.

Director of Public Prosecutions Adam Kimber, QC, has already launched 
confiscation of assets proceedings against Strang and Taylor. 
Restraining orders are in place over his Ninth Ave, St Peters, 
property and another at Salisbury East.

An ANZ bank account and a SeaDoo jet ski are also subject to an order.

Investigations have revealed that another of SenConstable Boughen's 
former partners is also before the courts on trafficking charges.

Daryl Lee Joseph is facing trial on charges including aggravated 
cultivation of a controlled drug, possessing proscribed equipment and 
stealing electricity. The charges relate to hydroponic cannabis 
cultivation in houses at Brompton, Welland and Mt Barker.

While it is not known how Sen-Constable Boughen became a target in 
the Anti-Corruption Branch investigation, sources say it is ongoing.

When detectives raided her Mawson Lakes home, documents and a 
computer harddrive were seized.

Lands Titles documents reveal one of her Mawson Lakes properties is 
jointly owned with another police officer, also a former boyfriend. 
That officer has been on an overseas police posting for some time and 
is not linked to either Sen-Constable Boughen's alleged conduct or 
the drug operation.

In April this year, Sen-Constable Boughen sold another property on 
Bridge Rd, Para Hills.

Sen-Constable Boughen, who has been suspended on full pay, will 
appear in Holden Hill Magistrates Court next month.
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