Pubdate: Fri, 13 Sep 2013
Source: Camp Verde Bugle, The (AZ)
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Author: Suzanne Lee



Sheila Polk's "My Turn" article warning of the highly addictive 
powers of marijuana made me stop and do a double take at the absurd, 
antiquated statements, until I saw her credentials.

I am by no means supporting marijuana use by children. However, I 
found it interesting that Ms. Polk failed to mention that alcohol, 
which is much more accessible, and far more dangerous than marijuana.

Ms. Polk is taking the blue road of law enforcement, who will do and 
say anything to try and revoke and prevent the legalization of 
marijuana in any form - be it medical, decriminalization or full 
legalization. To say that "marijuana starts the user on a downward 
life trajectory, affecting IQ and cognitive development, mental 
health , education attainment, delinquency and social growth" is 
absurd and if true, means most of our college students would be imbeciles.

This is a good lesson of checking your facts and your sources people 
and recognizing that just because it's in the print, doesn't mean 
it's true. Shame on you Ms. Polk.

Suzanne Lee

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