Pubdate: Mon, 09 Sep 2013
Source: East Valley Tribune (AZ)
Copyright: 2013 East Valley Tribune.
Author: Mike Ross


Let's not let Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act get in the way of the "War
on Drugs", which is basically a full employment jobs program for cops.
Proposition 203 clearly says that ALL forms are marijuana, which
includes concentrated forms of pot like hashish and hash oil are legal
for medical marijuana patients: "ARS 36-2801.7 'Marijuana' means all
parts of any plant of the genus cannabis."

But despite that the cops are falsely arresting medical marijuana
patients who use concentrated forms of marijuana like hashish and hash
oil and charging them with possession of CANNABIS, which the cops say
ISN'T marijuana.

That is also why Arizona DHS Director Will Humble says that 5 year old
Zander Welton can't have his marijuana medicine which will stop his
seizures. You can't expect a 5 year old to smoke a joint, so Zander
Welton is supposed to put hash oil under his tongue so his body will
absorb the beneficial CBD which stops the seizures. But cold, cruel,
uncaring Will Humble says hash oil is a crime, not medical marijuana.

Even with Prop 203 it's still a crime to drive when you are stoned on
pot. The only exception is medical marijuana users are not considered
guilty of DUI because they have marijuana metabolites in their body.
Marijuana metabolites can stay in a person's body for weeks after they
have smoke a joint and don't mean a person is stoned.

But despite that the cops are falsely arresting stone-cold sober
medical marijuana patients for DUI, simply because they have marijuana
metabolites in their body.

The cops use the convoluted, cockamamie logic that because medical
marijuana is "recommended", not "prescribed" like other drugs that
Prop 203 doesn't mean what it says. If the police and politicians hate
Prop 203 because it cuts into their "war on drugs" jobs program, they
should at least obey the law, while they attempt to change it. The
same thing we did before we passed Prop 203.

Mike Ross

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