Pubdate: Fri, 06 Sep 2013
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2013 Appeal-Democrat
Author: Patrick D. Miller


The headlines on the Aug. 29 paper talked of a $6 million drug

We all know that marijuana is here to stay, so let's use it to ease
some of the burden to law enforcement and maybe the budget.

I suggest the state could make use of these illicit drugs by opening
state-ran cannabis stores like Oregon does for alcohol, and make it
illegal for all others to sell cannabis.

The state would then control where and who could buy this product.
They could use all confiscated cannabis, confiscated from raids on
illegal grows and all forfeited properties to supply and fund the
stores and NET-5.

The state could contract with licensed legal growers to supply the
product when illegal grows faded away, thus lowering the price and
assuring quality to consumers.

Patrick D. Miller

Yuba City
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