Pubdate: Mon, 26 Aug 2013
Source: Guelph Mercury (CN ON)
Copyright: 2013 Metroland Media Group Ltd.
Author: Russell Barth


Dear editor: Re: Police chiefs support tickets for pot possession - Aug. 21

An open letter to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police:

Last week, they suggested handing out tickets for marijuana users 
instead of laying charges. Here's a better idea: Leave marijuana 
users alone and go do some real police work, you lazy cowards.

Seriously, women are being sexually assaulted and going missing; kids 
are living with monstrous villains; people are sick on the street 
because prohibition has made the cities awash with smack and meth and 
crack; human trafficking abounds; corporate criminals are destroying 
the planet and evading taxes; and you clowns walk around wasting your 
time laying marijuana charges or issuing warnings.

It is disgusting and embarrassing, and you should all be deeply 
ashamed of yourselves.

On top of that, every grow operation you bust subsidizes the guys you 
didn't bust. You know this. Your own data proves it. Any 
eight-year-old could figure this out, but you continue to publicly 
lie and tout prohibition as the solution to all of the problems 
caused by prohibition. It is disgusting, and your lying should be illegal.

Meanwhile, little kids walk around drinking Red Bull and Monster, 
getting fat on junk food and often smoking tobacco right on school 
property, and you let that all go. Because it is legal. But someone 
smokes a joint in public and they suddenly have to deal with some 
officer who usually treats them like they are second-class citizens.

Well, we're not second class. Actually, marijuana users are better 
than non-users: we're healthier, sexier, smarter, more creative, and 
longer-lived. History and science shows that. That isn't an opinion, 
it is fact - we're better than other people.

So, on behalf of every pot user in Canada, I hereby reject your offer 
to lengthen our leash. We want equality with coffee drinkers, and we 
will not settle until we have it.

Russell Barth

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