Pubdate: Sun, 25 Aug 2013
Source: Aspen Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2013 Aspen Daily News
Author: Joe Lewis


Dear Editor:

I was going to stay out of this crap, but in the words of Michael 
Corleone, "They just keep dragging me back in." Aside from my 
misspelled word or 10, I've made a mistake I'd like to retract. Hey, 
you there! Yeah, you, without a faux pas now and then. Go ahead, 
chunk the first hunk.

Anyway, I accused politicians of lying and then tried to honey it up 
a bit by saying they were simply bait-and-switch artists and that it 
was a federal crime. Well, it is but not for politicians. They are 
immune to this federal statute that prohibits people from being 
baited by advertising and promises only to be switched to a different 
article after they've taken the bait. Apparently this protects only 
consumers, not voters. What this means is that politicians cannot be 
held accountable for promises made to get elected. They can prolong 
an issue (sandbag) until the November elections so they don't 
alienate conservative voters. But you knew this, right?

Now what they're doing is sandbagging marijuana prohibition so they 
can put an excise tax of 30 percent or more. However, long before 
anyone can remember, the government was not in the "pot business." 
Now it wants in but doesn't want to lose its position of control. 
That way, they have plenty of time to convince everyone that they've 
saved the economy instead of minding their own fracking business. As 
long as we're not hurting anyone (i.e. smoking our own pot), why 
can't we just be left alone? We don't need no stinkin' badges! I know I don't.

And while I'm at it, why must we drive 14 miles round trip to get 
water that's not poison? How come that? Oh, yeah: because we live in 
Silt - not a pleasant word in terms of Daniel Webster's definition. 
Kinda like the Dumps up in Aspen. Always wondered how that happened. 
Used to be the manager there. Last time I was there it was a drug 
stop, but that was when a common question was "Hey, want a bump?" Saw 
Cullen Davis there one time.

Now in reference to the aforementioned venues, I meant no disrespect 
to the residents, only to imply how they are, and have been, viewed 
through definition by the dictionary.

Think about it

Joe Lewis

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