Pubdate: Thu, 22 Aug 2013
Source: Day, The (New London,CT)
Copyright: 2013 The Day Publishing Co.
Author: Kirk Muse


I appreciate The Day for publishing the thoughtful editorial from the
Seattle Times: "Easing the drug war" (Aug. 17).

I submit that there should no punishment at all for any so-called drug
crime. In a drug transaction, there are willing buyers and willing
sellers. Presumably, both will walk away happy unless one or both are

Our government cannot protect adult citizens from themselves, and our
government shouldn't attempt to do so. A so-called free country should
be a truly free country with adult citizens taking responsibility for
their own behavior, whether it is wise or foolish. Of course, the drug
war cheerleaders will claim that legalizing our now illegal drugs will
be giving into the drug dealers and drug lords. When we re-legalized
alcohol in 1933 did we give into the alcohol cartels? No. We put them
out of business.

Arresting and jailing a drug dealer or even the head of a drug cartel
has the effect similar to cutting off the top of a weed. It will grow
back, stronger than ever. The only way to get rid of any weed is to
kill the root and the root of our drug problem is:

Kirk Muse
Mesa, AZ
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