Pubdate: Wed, 21 Aug 2013
Source: Colorado Springs Independent (CO)
Copyright: 2013 Colorado Springs Independent
Author: Cyndy Kulp


What a disappointment to see City Council go against the will of the 
voters and pass a ban on marijuana sales and activities in the city. 
We, the people, are being systematically robbed of our voices by 
elected officials who place themselves above the democratic process.

Last November, 104,143 people in Colorado Springs voted in favor of 
Amendment 64 to "regulate marijuana like alcohol." That was an 
indication that the voting majority supported sales to adults over 
age 21, as well as the economic activity that would result from 
marijuana cultivation, manufacture of edible products, etc., and the 
tax revenues that would accrue to local governments and schools.

With their action to "opt out," Council has negated that decision.

Two City Council members in particular whom I'd like to see replaced 
in the next election are Val Snider and Merv Bennett. They serve as 
"Councilors at large," which means they represent all city residents 
and thus have a greater obligation to reflect the position of the voters.

Unlike their fellow at-large Councilor, Jan Martin, both Snider and 
Bennett voted in favor of the ban and against the will of the 
majority of city voters, which was 51.2 percent in favor of finding a 
way to regulate marijuana.

Please make a note of that in the next city election. If our elected 
officials won't represent us, we will need to find some new ones who 
will. This hysteria over marijuana is simply ridiculous, and we don't 
need "Big Brother" to step in and protect us from an herb!

- - Cyndy Kulp

Colorado Springs
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