Pubdate: Wed, 21 Aug 2013
Source: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Copyright: 2013 Sun-Times Media, LLC
Author: James E. Gierach


Your Sunday editorial ["Drug testing for the good of the CHA"] is 
sadly mistaken, because, fundamentally, the opinion is supportive of 
the war on drugs. Drug testing is just another drug-war implement, a 
cancerous metastasizing tentacle that operates to protect 
intolerance, guarantee the defeat of personal freedom, strip poor and 
minority people of their privacy and dignity (and opportunity for 
low-cost housing for some), ignore differentiation between addict, 
patient and recreational user, and attempt the exclusion of drugs 
from public housing and a free society that can't keep illicit drugs 
out of a single U.S. prison. The entity with the CHA drug-testing 
contract should be happy with the editorial and policy but not 
another living soul. Curse the drug war and all its "paraphernalia."

James E. Gierach Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Palos Park
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