Pubdate: Sun, 18 Aug 2013
Source: Herald, The (Everett, WA)
Copyright: 2013 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Rich Cannon


Once again the state liquor control board is unable to get out of its 
own way over the pot issue. ( Tuesday, "State postpones setting rules 
for marijuana industry.") I listened to an interview with the chief 
consultant for the board, and was appalled by the total loss of 
vision concerning the legalization of pot. It has little to do with 
people wanting to smoke pot. People smoked tons of pot before 
legalization. It was easy to get, and if the police observed you 
smoking it, they did nothing anyway, they are too over-tasked with real crime.

As I see it, the real purpose of legalization is to eliminate the 
drug dealers, the big drug cartels, the smuggling, the dangers of 
illegal growing in our state and national parks and forests, and the 
crimes and costs associated with illicit drug activities. So now pot 
is legal in Washington, people are probably smoking more since there 
is no criminal stigma. But, where are they getting it? The same drug 
dealers? The same illegal growers? The same drug cartels? The exact 
same illegal sources as before legalization!

With greater use, even more money is pouring into the pockets of the 
illegal dealers, growers and cartels. The liquor control board's 
continued delays in establishing a licensing and sale process is just 
making the illegal supply trade even richer, and the state sees no 
tax benefit at all. The state needs to clear the smoke out of their 
eyes. Make pot accessible and inexpensive, put the illegal trade out 
of business! Then muddy it all up with more rules and more taxes later...

Rich Cannon

Oak Harbor
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