Pubdate: Sat, 17 Aug 2013
Source: Hamilton Spectator (CN ON)
Copyright: 2013 The Hamilton Spectator
Author: Ben Lyons


Fair play also applies to letter writers (Letters, Aug. 12)

Several articles/opinions have been expressed concerning the effects 
of smoking cannabis. For the last hundred years, ignorance has 
labelled cannabis a dangerous drug. Yet I cannot for the life of me 
find one single case of death due to cannabis consumption. Actually, 
my independent research indicates that the harm in smoking cannabis 
is limited to: munchies and apathy. Is there a reference that could 
be provided me that I could verify any of these hundred year old 
myths that still get printed in the daily paper? And then could we 
compare the violence and disaster that the "war on drugs" perpetrates 
and have a reasonable discussion on which is worse: the intoxicant or 
the war against it?

Pot (alone) has never killed anyone. Pot does not cause 
schizophrenia; it can reveal that condition in people who already 
have it. The active chemical THC does not cause cancer but may in 
fact shrink cancer tumours in mice. Pot may have other immense 
benefits if only we could be allowed to investigate without 
prejudice. The last 13 years that I have been a daily user has left 
me with a mortgage (nearly paid off), a garden/patio that is the envy 
of my friends and a beautiful wife (nonsmoker). Print the truth not the fear.

Ben Lyons, Hamilton
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