Pubdate: Sat, 17 Aug 2013
Source: Barrie Examiner (CN ON)
Copyright: 2013, Barrie Examiner
Author: Jason Bay


(Re: ' Forget tax revenue, just legalize pot possession' in the Aug. 
10 edition of the Examiner)

I find it incredibly disappointing that you would publish such a 
letter without any type of counter letter to it.

I recognize that it is an opinion piece, and you are seeking to 
increase readership and responses, but still on such a topic, I find 
the letter irresponsible.

The health impacts of the drug are not discussed, and the heath 
impacts relate directly to economics.

The increase of health issues related to the use of this drug, and 
other costs borne by the medical system related to the use of 
marijuana - which of course is funded by our tax dollars - was overlooked.

The fact that marijuana impedes the ability to operate a vehicle up 
to 24 hours after its use is ignored, and this is a major safety concern.

With the mistaken belief of late by some in our society that the drug 
is not harmful, your publication has done nothing to advocate the 
truth in relation to this harmful drug.

Jason Bay Barrie
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