Pubdate: Fri, 16 Aug 2013
Source: Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)
Copyright: 2013 Newark Morning Ledger Co
Author: Charlie Berman


I'm concerned there has not been enough differentiation between 
medical marijuana and marijuana's recreational use. Medical marijuana 
has a high amount of the chemical CBD and a low amount of the 
chemical THC. CBD reduces intractable pain, inflammation of soft 
tissue, nausea and seizures. THC gives a sense of euphoria - the 
marijuana high - along with possible paranoia and likely disorientation.

Having been long classified a Schedule I drug, alongside heroin and 
LSD, has made it difficult for legitimate researchers to investigate 
the medical uses of CBD in marijuana. I am not a proponent for using 
pot, as is commonly understood, for recreational purposes, but I am 
open to its medical uses if scientifically researched.

Aspirin, as a pain agent, was once made into tea from the bark of a 
willow tree - an ignoble beginning for this commonly used pain 
reliever, but I wouldn't suggest using that tea today. There is a 
similarity in the smoking of a weed, when we could conceivably derive 
medical benefits from an extract of cannabis that's high in CBD and 
low in the hallucinogenic properties of THC.

Charlie Berman, associate director, Willow Tree Center for Addiction 
Prevention & Counseling, Morris Plains
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