Pubdate: Fri, 16 Aug 2013
Source: Irish Times, The (Ireland)
Copyright: 2013 The Irish Times
Author: Alun Buffry


Sir,  An online image with your article "GPs to be allowed prescribe 
medicinal cannabis" (August 15th), shows the cannabis available on 
prescription in the Netherlands, known as Bedrocan. This is cannabis 
grown in the Netherlands by a pharmaceutical company, standardised 
and available in ground form in the containers that you show, through 
doctor's prescription and pharmacies.

However, the article itself refers to the whole cannabis extract, 
Sativex, as created by the UK pharmaceutical company GW 
Pharmaceuticals, supplied in spray form in alcohol, and in the UK 
often denied patients due to the high cost which is many times more 
than that of the raw materials.

Sativex is very different from Bedrocan.

Meanwhile in the UK, while both Sativex and Bedrocan are denied to 
many in need, the law continues to threaten and punish those who are 
caught growing a few of the very same plants for their own use in 
their own homes.

I do hope that Ireland stops punishing such people for growing their 
own medicine.  Yours, etc,

ALUN BUFFRY, Woodcock Road, Norwich, England.
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